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Are you ready to experience creating art like you never have before? Get ready to join an art movement that will fire up your creativity, kickstart your inspiration, and bring peace to your heart and mind!

Hello, I'm your art instructor! My name is Joel Wright and for years I've enjoyed working as a professional artist. I am here to share years of knowledge so that you can go straight to having fun with art. 

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I'd like to help you start by introducing you to may online art classes by giving you a free head start. 

In this FREE class you'll learn 8 new things:

  1. Where to join our art group on facebook
  2. How to rapidly learn new art skills.
  3. What it's like living a creative lifestyle.
  4. Recharging the creative battery.
  5. How to blast past creative blocks.
  6. A beginner's free guided 10 minute meditation
  7. A preview of my painting and drawing classes
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Learn from Joel Wright's Art Classes Online to Designed to Help You Discover Your Hidden Talents 

My philosophy that everyone can create art!  Sure, some of you have an easier time learning and we call that talent.  Talent isn't required if learning is fun and enjoyable.  Maybe you have tried to learn from books, taken some art classes in person and even tried on your own.

If you still haven't  considered yourself successful at creating art it's because the best way to learn is by allowing creativity to happen naturally.  With the right approach to learning art, you can have the breakthrough you are searching for.  I am here to help you on your creative path!